MeLySoft is a mobile game developing company. With our young and enthusiastic staff, our goal is the number one and the pioneer in the development in the world. We always try our best to bring you the best user experiences and interest while playing our game products. Eye-catching player interface will give you a greate experience, get out of the reality to step into the game world.


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Tank Immortal

The classic tank battle game is incredibly thrilling

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Candy Ahead - Match 3 puzzle

Get the idea of a journey to discover another Planet.

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Co Tuong Offline

Players are sophisticated and classy people.

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Win Zombies:Heroes of killing zombies

Win Zombies is a zombie fighting game.

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Co Caro

Game caro - five in a row game with smart AI

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MyFeel - learn english every day

Learn English sentence patterns like a native

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Game cooming soon

Let's wait for the super game which will be released this summer

Coming this summer
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Wanna be a part of our team

We’ve built a company of proactive, professional teams with the great freedom to do what they think is best for users, our games. You love game and want to be a game developer.

Especially if you think that you are a type of creative peoples, work dope and live wild, MeLySoft is the best place for you to work. If you want to join our game development team, you can contact us. The information down below. You are always welcomed!


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Top 5 Games on the US App Store

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App Store Best of 2016

Politaire wins the award from Apple. This is the first time ever for a product of 100% Vietnamese peoples, a history smilestone

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Trusted Content Partner of Apple, Microsoft & Google

Our products are trusted and featured globally countless time in their storefronts.

MelySoft Game | Difference Makes The Difference



MelySoft Game | Difference Makes The Difference

About us

The best place on the earth to create a greate game

Our story

MelySoft is created with the goal to be the center and the pioneer in mobile game development in the world. The main focuses are always about the user, about the experience, the surprise while playing our products. We also push ourselves hard to be the forefront of mobile game development to prove that creative has no limitation. We produce new concept & gameplay no matter how hard that could be or how crowded the market is. A game mockup can take years to complete since we know that a great game will last forever. Here in MelySoft, we do & think very differently.

Our mission

With a high focus on our players, we will continue to have more games that could be played by anyone without any limitation. We target to become a unicorn game company in 2020.


Once a person become a MelySoft members, they also become our brother in the big great family, we take care of each other and help everyone to climb the big mountain together.


Here in MelySoft, we always push our mates to think outside of the box to explore the coolest thing that our player will need and love.


Everyone in MelySoft is studying in every single minutes. We also share the know-how together on how we could make that awesome game while no one else does. Here in MelySoft, we upgrade your skill and make you another person in another level.