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Pix World – Star 1985 – Never gets old, giving you the opportunity to go back in time to your childhood with the legendary adventure game challenge: Rescue the princess. The world of this game – a new old-fashioned running game, has beautifully designed levels, various enemies, super bosses, simple gameplay, excellent graphics, soothing music and sounds gentle.

Pix World has been empty since the Princess was kidnapped into the forest. But then the adventure begins!
Your mission is to help Pix run through the mysterious forest, jump over obstacles and super evil monsters to save the beautiful Princess at the final destination of the adventure.

[How to play]:

  • Use buttons to jump, run and smash
  • Eat mushrooms and items to get stronger and defeat all monsters
  • Collect all coins and bonus items: stars, boom, lightning, … to get more points and buy more items in the store

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